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Affordable Diagnostic Histopathology

Before using our services for the first time please register your details with us as described below. By using our services you will be agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. We will usually arrange collection of samples from you. Please DO NOT SEND any samples to us without contacting us first to agree this. NOTE: Patient's biopsies are classified as hazardous and failure to comply with all regulations regarding the transport of hazardous materials could result in the sample being destroyed and you (the sender) being prosecuted and fined or imprisoned. We can advise you on the correct procedures when you contact us.

How to Order Our Diagnostic and Laboratory Processing Service in 6 Steps -
  1. Register your details with us: We cannot process samples unless and until we know who to contact for clinical matters, who to send the report to and who to invoice. It is free to register with us and by registering you are not obliged to use our service but you will be ready to do so when the need arises. Please download and complete the following registration form and email the completed form to us:
     Click here to get an MS Word version of our registration form.
  2. Get a quote of the costs for your needs: We invoice you or your practice directly - we do not invoice patients. So you should be clear up front how much our pathology service to you will cost so you can recoup this from the patient. You can request our 'standard price list' for this information and also contact us if you have any questions at all or if you need a custom quotation. Please also bear in mind the cost of using our courier service for specimen collection.
  3. We will arrange sample collection with you: Please do NOT send samples (unless we have agreed for you to do this in individual cases). We do not have a continually manned reception and so sent samples may be undeliverable (and may fall foul of specimen transport laws). We will use our courier service to collect samples from you or we will agree specific transport arrangements with you. If you have samples for us to collect, let us know by emailing our courier service (the address will be provided to you after you register / when you contact us for pricing). We will not respond to courier email requests from anyone who has not registered with us.
  4. Ensure the sample is secured in an appropriate container and labelled with the patient's ID: All specimens for routine histology must be sent immersed in 10% neutral buffered formalin in a well-sealed water-tight container (usually referred to as the 'specimen pot' - we can supply these to order) and must be accompanied by a properly completed request form.
    Both the specimen pot and the request form must be labelled with the patient's identity. The identity information on the form and on the pot MUST MATCH EXACTLY (see the example in the photo above). We insist on this because it is vital to patient safety. If this criterion is not met we will not process the sample and it will be returned to you.
    For each patient separately, keep their specimen pot(s) and request form together in a sealed plastic bag - do not mix pots and forms from different patients together in one bag.
    Please ensure that specimens for TadPath are kept separately from specimens for other labs (like blood tests, urine tests, microbiology samples and NHS histology samples). If we receive, by accident, inappropriate samples we will return them to you and this may result in delays to those patients' tests and even to those tests being invalidated if the sample is perishable.
  5. Complete a request form:
     Click here to get a PDF copy of our request form.
    We can accept the pathology request forms used in your local institution but you may alternatively download and use the TadPath request form (click the link above). Whichever form you use it is important to ensure that the patient ID is on the form and that it matches the ID on the specimen pot(s) and that you give us appropriate clinical information about the case and contact details for a clinical contact (who to call to disuss the case with if we need more information about the patient and who we send the result to). You must also specify your TadPath Registration Number (we provide you with this when you register). A case will not be processed until we have all the required information so failure to give required information will result in delays while we seek to get this from you. If, despite our reasonable efforts, we fail to get all required information on the case from you, the case may be returned to you without processing.
  6. Patient consent forms - do you need to send us a copy?: For diagnostic samples there is no need to send a patient consent form where the tissue sample was taken from the patient in a CQC regulated establishment. In all other cases we will require a copy of a valid signed patient consent form (patient giving consent to their tissue sample to be taken or used for diagnostic purposes). A consent to surgical procedure / biopsy procedure form will suffice. If you are sending samples to us which are for research work (as opposed to diagnosis) we will require a copy of the patient consent form giving their permission to use the tissue for research. In either case, if a sample is received without the appropriate consent form the sample may be returned to you without processing. Please note that, as per our Terms and Conditions, you will be ultimately responsible for ensuring all necessary consents are obtained and valid regardless of whether or not we have received or seen a copy of any consent form.

Equipment sales - Please contact us for details of your requirements and we can provide you with a customised quotation.

Research - Please contact us if you would like to use our specialist research support services. The very nature of research means that we will need to tailor our service to your specific needs.

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