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Affordable Diagnostic Histopathology

We offer a full diagnostic histopathology service within our sub-specialist areas of expertise. We also offer academic and research pathology support services from routine pathology to the application of cutting-edge technology and techniques in digital image analysis, deconvolution microscopy, 3-dimensional image reconstruction and more. We also offer general histopathology processing and staining services and we can supply specialist laboratory and diagnostic equipment. Here are some details but please contact us to discuss your specific needs:

  • Our specialist areas of expertise - We report specimens in oral pathology, skin and soft tissue, ENT, maxillofacial, neck dissections, lymph nodes for any cause of lymph node anomaly (reactive, infective, TB, metastasis, investigation for carcinoma of unknown primary, lymphoma, leukaemia, autoimmune conditions, etc.), bone marrow trephine biopsies, urological samples (prostate, bladder, kidney, testis, urethra, foreskin), thyroid, parathyroid, liver biopsies / liver nodules, gallbladder, pancreas, adrenals, GI Pathology. We are not a general path lab (we don't do blood tests, microbiology, urinalysis, etc) and we do not do any kind of cytology (smears, fluids, FNA). We currently do not offer a frozen section facility and there are a few other subspecialties we do not cover. However, we are continually expanding our range of services so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
  • Wet specimen processing and reporting - We receive your patient's tissue sample in formalin, perform a detailed macroscopical dissection (the 'cut-up') and process tissue to microscopy slides for diagnostic reporting. We offer a range of routine and special stains. We accept specimens of all sizes and complexities from simple small biopsies to major surgical resections. The complete path report is sent to you using a secure email service.
  • Second opinion reporting - For cases that have been previously reported we can provide a second opinion (including review opinions for MDT purposes). We receive the pre-stained slides (+/- tissue blocks and unstained sections) and provide a full second opinion report.
  • Specimen forwarding - Upon receipt of a written request we can forward your patients' tissue (any remaining wet sample, all slides and blocks as requested) to an institute of your choice - e.g. forwarding slides and blocks to a private or NHS hospital for MDT review or to continue treatment there or forwarding to a second pathologist for further opinion.
  • Tissue processing and staining - We can also act as your surrogate processing lab. If you send us your pre-cassetted tissue blocks in formalin we can process these to paraffin for you, cut microtomy sections and stain them ready for you to report. You may also send us wax blocks or unstained sections. We offer a range of routine and special stains. Please note that we only perform specimen 'cut-up' (macro / grossing) on cases that we will be reporting so if you are using our lab to process your own cases (for you to report) then all such material must be sent pre-cassetted.
  • Special research techniques - We have special expertise in digital image analysis, deconvolution microscopy, 3-Dimensional reconstruction, algorithm development for image analysis, machine vision in pathology and much more. We can also perform histology for clinical trials and we can advise on histology protocols and methods, quantitation and analysis for the histology component of clinical trials. So whether you are doing clinical research or cutting edge tissue science we would be happy to see how we can help you by developing custom solutions to your unique problems.
  • Laboratory instrument supply - We can supply your hospital, clinic or lab with a range of specialist equipment. We specialise in microscopes and microscope camera systems for projection and image capture. MDT projection systems can be supplied and designed to suite your needs and budgets. Other lab equipment can be supplied on request.

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