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TadPath Diagnostics

Affordable Diagnostic Histopathology

Welcome to our specialist diagnostic histopathology laboratory service. Select from the menu on the left to learn more about:

  • Our services - We provide a full medical diagnostic histopathology service (from wet specimens). We can also provide laboratory services as well as specialised research services and product supply.
  • Affordable price plans - We have a range of price options to suite your needs. Starting at just £68 for the simplest cases.
  • High quality - We are run by a senior experienced consultant pathologist of over 26 years experience and have the highest standards of quality control and quality assurance. Furthermore our services are overseen by the indpendent state regulator for health care providers (the Care Quality Commission) giving you peace of mind when using our service.
  • Get in touch - Please contact us to learn more about our service. We're happy to help.

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