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At TadPath we pride ourselves on providing a high quality diagnostic and laboratory service with a focus on patient safety and accuracy of diagnosis. To give you some examples of our quality workmanship, all histology images shown on this website are from tissues that were processed, cut, stained and photographed in our lab. Here are the measures we take to ensure that we maintain the highest quality standards:

  • CQC Regulated - Having passed a thorough assessment of our laboratory facilities and policies by the UK Government's independent healthcare regulator - the Care Quality Commission - we have been registered by them as a provider of diagnostic and screening services. Our CQC registered provider ID number is 1-5532064196 .
  • ISO 15189 Standard - Our Quality Management System is based on the international standard for medical laboratories (known as ISO 15189) and we are in the process of preparing to apply for accreditation.
  • EQA Schemes - Our reporting consultant, Dr Tadrous, is a memeber of the North West Thames External Quality Assurance Scheme for diagnostic reporting.
  • GMC Revalidation - Our reporting consultant, Dr Tadrous, is on the specialist register of the the General Medical Council (the GMC) and participates in Revalidation that requires annual appraisal and continuing professional development (CPD).
  • Royal College Fellowship - Our reporting consultant, Dr Tadrous, is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists and participates in Royal College-approved CPD activities to keep up to date with developments in the specialty.
  • Experience - Our reporting consultant, Dr Tadrous, has worked in the NHS for over 26 years and is highly experienced in diagnostic pathology reporting and laboratory management.
  • Quality Audits - We conduct audits on various aspects of our service to ensure that we continue to provide a high quality service and that this is continually maintained and improved.
  • Laboratory automation - We have computer-controlled robotic laboratroy equipment for tissue processing, microtomy, staining, and coverslipping which helps to ensure a uniform quality standard throughout the lab.
  • Preventative servicing - Our critical machinery is serviced by professional service engineers at least once a year to ensure that they function correctly and to within safe parameters and tolerances. Any worn components are detected early and replaced or repaired before they result in a problem. This way we ensure the highest standards of safety and quality in taking care of your precious tissue samples.
  • Get in touch - Please contact us to learn more about our service. We're happy to help.

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