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Affordable Diagnostic Histopathology

We have structured our business such as to be able to offer our high quality specialist services at an affordable and competitive price. Prices shown do not include VAT. Clinical diagnostic services (including those with a laboratory processing component) are VAT exempt. If you use our lab purely for lab processing or staining (without requesting a diagnostic opnion) then this is not VAT exempt. Our more complete 'standard price list' is available on request. The following is a guide to some of our pricing that was current as of February 2019:

  • Courier Fees - Once we agree to take on a case it is important that the specimen arrives safety at our lab. We can arrange for an insured medical courier to collect the sample from you but we will need to add the cost of this to your final fee. We are happy to discuss individual transport arrangements with clients that could reduce or even eliminate this cost altogether.
  • Basic fees for wet sample reporting - For wet samples that require a full reporting service we charge a basic fee of £68 with additional cost as per the complexity of the case. The £68 fee includes a full report on routine stains on a low complexity sample from one body site. This fits most routine small oral or skin biopsies (for example). Additional fees are charged for more complex cases and those requiring immunostains.
  • Basic fees for second opinion reporting - For reporting pre-stained slides we charge a baseline fee of £24 plus £8 per slide. Additional fees per block are applied for cases that include wax blocks.
  • Bulk discount - We can arrange service level agreements with NHS Trusts and private clinics. If guaranteed a certain level of work we can provide a customised pricing plan that is even more economical.
  • Specimen forwarding - We do not charge for sending on tissue to a third party.
  • Tissue processing and staining - Please contact us for prices for processing your own tissue blocks or slides.
  • Specialist research work - Each research project is unique and requires a tailored solution so please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Laboratory instrument supply - Get in touch for specs and quotes on laboratory and microscopy / camera equipment.

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